This is a versatile wood chipper for a council, golf course or farmer, suitable to work with any small tractor or power unit (18-40 HP).

With a low centre of gravity, easy tow chassis and good ground clearance, this machine has a positive blade feed action, large feed funnel and the ability to quickly process 75 mm to 100 mm diameter material at up to 1.5 tonnes per hour.


Main advantages:

  • Max. material diameter: 100 mm,
  • Towed behind a small tractor,
  • 3-Point Linkage not required,
  • Ideal for maintenance of larger gardens.


  • Feeding: gravitational, 
  • Maximum power: 1.5 t / h,
  • PTO speed: 540 rpm,
  • Required engine power: 25 - 60 HP,
  • Knives: 2 knives, diameter 177 mm, fully hardened,
  • Rotor diameter: 460 mm,
  • Chassis: road, unbraked,
  • Rotor speed: 2 209 rpm,
  • Average chip size: 9 mm.
Type Length Width Height Weight
Timberwolf TW PTO/100G 1935 mm 1000 mm 2050 mm 268 kg

Watch the video of Timberwolf TW PTO/100G chipper.

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