Powered by a Kubota 57hp WG1605 four-cylinder petrol engine, the TW 280PHB wood chipper offers 210mm cutting performance for serious arboriculture and forestry tasks.

Timberwolf’s road towable petrol wood chipper is nothing short of outstanding. It is built to tackle the toughest of jobs with minimal maintenance. Bigger and stronger, yet it’s still easy to use.

The TW 280PHB has an extra-wide feed funnel and open top section to provide better visibility and ease of feeding. It has a wider in-feed aperture (280mm x 210mm) which is bigger in overall area than the nearest rival. Designed with the operator in mind, whether it’s the additional safety controls such as the reverse feed rollers overriding the stop bar or the carefully positioned air filter intakes to draw in cool, dust-free air. The devil really is in the detail!


Main advantages:

  • Gasoline engine Kubota 57 HP WG1605,
  • Max material diameter: 210 mm,
  • Weight: 1193 kg,
  • Knives: 2 easily accessible double-sided knives,
  • Filling hole 280x210 mm,
  • Average chip size: 20 mm.


  • Feeding: two pressure rollers with automatic feed control,
  • Maximum power: 6,5 t / h,
  • A rotary discharge funnel in the range of 280 degrees,
  • Hour counter,
  • Tank capacity: 36 l,
  • Rotor diameter: 750 mm,
  • Rotor speed: 1778 rpm,
  • braked chassis.

Dimensions and weight:

Type Length Width Height Weight
 Timberwolf TW 280PHB 3330 mm 1640 mm 2370 mm 1193 kg

Watch the video for Timberwolf TW 280PHB chipper.


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