Diesel oil tank FDC 2800

Bunded tank FDC 2800 for diesel oil storage and dispense is equipped with lockable engine room, which contains integrated dispensing equipment for easy operation, including reliable analog meter 20-120 l/min with accuracy of +/- 1% and 4 m long antistatic pressure hose. The tank is filled by cistern equipped with dispensing nozzle.


Standard tank equipment:

  • sliding-vane pump, rated flow 56 l/m,
  • fuel filter with water separator, 70 l/min, 30 microns,  
  • remote fuel level monitoring (Apollo),
  • electronic leak detector (Hytek),
  • automatic dispensing nozzle,
  • vent,
  • 2 m power cable,
  • service hole with a lid on the inner tank has 540 mm in diameter, filling hole with a lid on the inner tank has 112 mm in diameter.


  • pump 72 l/min,
  • digital flowmeter,
  • 6 m delivery hose,
  • filling reduction with AC-2 gladhand,
  • Access 85 fuel management system,
  • Diesel oil dispense control system,
  • MC Box fuel management system,
  • power dispense pack (pump 72/l/min, 4 m hose DN25) - order no. 20185-00,
  • reconfiguration into biodiesel version - order no. 20186-00.
order no. name vol. (l) power l x w x h (mm) weight (kg)
20110-08 Diesel oil tank FDC 2800 2800 230 V 2360x 1320x 1880 320



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