Стационарные прессы

Static compactors are suitable for areas with regular generation of greater volumes of compacted waste. Static compactors are attached to replaceable containers that can be easily detached once full, and can be exchanged for an empty one. Another advantage against mobile press containers is the higher capacity of the containers (typically 30–34 m3). 

Our compactor units can also be equipped with a broad range of accessories, incl. container tipping devices, a wide variety of hopper types, hydraulic replaceable containers connections, etc. Replaceable containers with a moving roof make emptying significantly easier and quicker. Standard equipment also includes guide rails that guide replacement containers to the static unit with precision.


  • hook system in accordance with DIN 30722-1 and other European norms,
  • attaching container volume from 16 to 34 m3,
  • ram power = 340 kN / max. 380 kN @ 5.5–11 kW 400 V/50 Hz,
  • phase converter,
  • quiet-running pump,
  • oil level and temperature sensor,
  • capacity indicator light: 75% and 100%,
  • hourly capacity: up to 181 m3,
  • compaction chamber floor and walls made of 8 mm high-strength steel,
  • container floor, walls, and roof made of 4 mm high-strength steel,
  • compaction plate guide made of self-lubricating polyamide,
  • three inspection doors for cylinder space,
  • rear door—extra sturdy HD version / with side hinges,
  • spot blasted in accordance with Sa 2.5, 60 μm zinc oxide primer, 60 μ paint in RAL,
  • supplementary front rollers, rear handling hook.


  • double lid with gas springs,
  • single collection slot lid with electro-hydraulic props,
  • hoppers up to 1 m high,
  • combined hopper with a height of up to 1 m—made up of two sturdy walls and safety bars + supplementary start/ emergency stop panel,
  • control panel safety lid, incl. hanging lock,
  • approx. 2.5 m long guide rails with stoppers,
  • guide rails, incl. 6 mm base plate,
  • rear door and inspection door, incl. rubber seal along the perimeter,
  • integrated 1100/770 litre container tipping device,
  • integrated 1100/770/240 litre container tipping device,
  • 1100/770 litre mobile container tipping device, incl. 1.5 kW motor, switch cabinet and hydraulic components, suitable for a standard loading edge of approx. 1700 mm,
  • HARDOX H 8/400 compaction chamber floor,
  • separate control panel with a “Harting” interface and a 3-metre cable,
  • choice of rear end position,
  • polyamide rollers,
  • 2” galvanized drain valve.


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